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Octubre 2012; Free, José Isabel Morales, "Chavelo" is a Political Prisoner from Honduras he is a peasant activist from the Peasant Movement of Aguan (MCA) in the Aguán Valley, Chavelo has been in prison since October 17, 2008 without any evidence of committing a crime. On June 25, 2010 Chavelo was declared guilty of murder. And July 24, 2012 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

October 2012; Maestro Antonio Martorell. Renowned Puerto Rican artist. Born in San Juan Puerto Rico study diplomacy, but opts for the arts. She works as a graphic artist, set designer, book illustrator and teacher, has exhibited his work throughout Latin America, the U.S., Europe and Japan.

April 2012; Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas-Trade Treaty of the Peoples ALBA-TCP. (on ​​the first conference in the city of Chicago IL, USA from 22-23 March 2012.)

July 2012; Carlos Alberto Torres. (former Puerto Rican political prisoner who was released on July 26, 2010, after 30 years of imprisonment)

September 2011;  Billingual Education - CPS: the impact and necessity of dual education, showing examples of the   few schools that implement this type of program.

January 2011; Attack against Teachers CORE: short film on the negative narratives against the teachers’ union in Chicago; it includes interviews with various teachers about their feelings in the face of the media attacks.

September 2010; FBI Raids: Press conference in Chicago by activists who were the targets of a series of FBI raids carried out nationally against activists.

April 2010; Cual es la Ruta (What is the Route): short film on the coup d’e’tat in Honduras and a delegation of human rights observers that traveled to Honduras from the U.S. in the first few months after the coup.

September 2009; Golpe y Contra Golpe (Coup and Counter-Coup):shows the response of the Honduran people to the military coup d’e’tat also showing the different perspectives towards the present and future of the country.

April 2009; Rudy Lozano: A short documentary on the life of the Latino activist in Chicago who was one of the first Hispanics to enter the political arena in Chicago; his work allowed important gains for Latinos in Chicago. He was assasinated in the full bloom of his political career.

January 2009; Operation Cast Leadlooks at the Israeli military operation that began on December 27, 2008 and lasted until January 18, 2009 in Gaza.

April 2008; La Primavera del Inmigrantes (The Immigrants’ Spring): is a documentary that shows wht happened the Spring of 2006 in Chicago- the answer from the immigrants to the anti-immigrant law HR-4437 - the enormous protests that took place in Chicago.

October 2007; Radio Realidad: documentary about a community radio project that the organizations La Voz de los de Abajo in collaboration with Radios Populares facilitate in a peasant community in Honduras. Camera/Editing/Producer 

June 2007; Documigrante: documentary about Guatemalan immigrants showing their difficulties in arriving to the U.S. and finding themselves in a totally foreign country that rejects and discriminates against them making survivial difficult and showing the impact on their families in their country o origen, loss of identity and adoptation of cultural patterns from the north. Editing/Production 

June 2007; Padre Juan Huitrado (Father Juan Huitrada): documentary about the Mexican priest commited to the struggle of immigrants in Chicago.  

July 2006; No to HR4437: An answer to the racist law proposal from Chicago and the beginnings of the Spring of the immigrant in 2006 during which the largest protests in contemporary history in the U.S. took place. Camera/Editing/Director/Producer

February 2006; FEDCMI: A video about the Federation of Clubs of Michoacan and how the Mexican immigrants are organized in the clubs. Camera/Director/Producer

September 2003; Mesoamerica Resiste: Video on the IV Mesoamerican Forum for Self-Determination and the Resistance of the Peoples. Interviews with participants. Camera/Director/Producer.

March 2003; Travesía en Palestina (Journey in Palestine): Video narration of a trip to Palestine, travelling in different zones, interviews with men, women and children, with Palestinian human rights defendors and activists. Camera/Director/Producer

June 2002Voces del Movimiento Obrero en Colombia (Voices from the Workers’ Movement in Colombia): Interviews with trade union leaders from the union SINATRAINAL about the systematic repression against the workers’ movement in Colombia. Director/Producer

April 2002; Daniel Viglietti-Concierto en Vivo: Live concert of Viglietti (during the Encuentro por la Paz en Latinoamerica y el Caribe, El Salvador) with interviews about his musical project and work, his role in different liberation struggles in Latin America and the Caribbean. Camera/Director/Producer.

October 2001; Voces En Contra la Guerra(Voices Against the War): Chicago activists protest the war response of the U.S. to the New York  Twin Towers attacks.

August 2001; First Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad por la Paz en Colombia y America Latina (First International Conference in Solidarity for Peace in Colombia and Latin America: video from the conference held in El Salvador in July of 2001 with interviews and presentations. Camera/Director/Producer.

May 2001; Honduras: La Voz de los de Abajo - Lucha del Movimiento Campesino en Honduras (Voice of those below - the struggle of the peasant movement in Honduras). Camera/Director/Producer.

June 2000; En El Ojo de la Huelga: UNAM (In the Eye of the Strike: UNAM): Documentary on the general strike by university students at the National University in Mexico. Camera/Director/Producer.

Television Shows Produced at CAN-TV, Chicago

El Rostro en la Ventana (The Face in the Window): a television program with discussion and analysis about immigrants and their struggle in the United States in the political, social, economic and cultural arenas. The following shows were aired:

  • July 2009: Round table discussion on the coup d’e’tat in Honduras with activists and leaders from Honduras.
  • June 2009: Round table discussion on the criminalization of immigrants in the U.S.
  • May 2009: Round table discussion on immigration reform: what are the immigrants looking for and what do they hope for in the U.S.
  • April 2009: Round table on the Chicago magazine Contratiempo which organized and cosponsored various programs promoting the culture, literature and thought of the Latino community, inviting the immigrant population to explore and to reflect on identity, artistic expression and civid participation.
  • March 2009: Performance and discussion with musicians who perform Trova and the New Song (Nueva Cancion) in the USA and what it means to do this kind of work as immigrants in the U.S.
  • February 2009: Discussion with immigrant artists in Chicago who dedicate their artistic work to muralism in the U.S.
  • June 2008: Round table discussion on the “No Match Lettes” from the Social Security administration (SSA) sent to employers with the Social Securty numbers of their employees that don’t match up with the information in the Social Security data base.
  • May 2008: Interview with Gloria Muños Ramírez, a journalist who lived in the Zapatista communities after the 1994 uprising and wrote a book, “El Fuego y la Palabra” (The Fire and the Word) about her experiences and about the experience of the Zapatista movement.
  • April 2008: Round table discussion on the impact of deportations in the U.S.
  • March 2008: Round table on the significance of  making a Zapatista movement in the U.S.
  • February 2008: Round table on migration to the U.S., its causes and effects.
  • January 2008: Discussion on the 2008 elections with the first time in history opportunity to have an African-American president in the U.S.

Other Studio Television Shows Produced and Aired at CAN-TV, Chicago

  • October 2003 - Teatro Trono desde Boliva: Performance and interveiws with the Bolivian theater and cultural group with a project for building spaces for liberty, justice and equality through art as a response to authoritarian systems.
  • May 2003: Performance and interviews with Bandula a musical and dance group directed towards children - professionals with the soul of a child. Music and poetry as the bridge to access the world.
  • January 2001: Peña Cultural - performances of pre-colombian music by the musical group Raíz Viva (Living Root) with pre-colombian instruments.
  • December 2001: Voces del Movimiento en Contra la Guerra (Voices from the Anti-War Movement): A round table discussion and analysis of war and of the North American intervention in the Middle East.
  • December 2001: Peña Cultural: Music and poetry performance by Latino musicians and poets in Chicago.

Radio Production

2010-2012: Production and hosting of more than 90 radio programs in the program La Voz de los de Abajo Chicago on Radio Progreso. The program is a space for discussion, criticism and analysis on the increasing migrations of our times.


  • •   Cara Vemos Corazones no Sabemos (We see the faces but don’t know the hearts)
  • •   Nacíon de Inmigrantes (Immigrant Nation)
  • •   TeleSur Social Forum in Detroit
  • •   Hasta Cuando Newspaper
  • •   Color Lines

Art Woork

Exhibitions and Presentations

  • March 2009: “Celebration 2009” a collective exhibition with the participation of 23 artists at Prospectus Art Gallery, Chicago.
  • October 2008: Directed the creation of the mural, “Unidad, Tierra, Justicia y Libertad” installed in the municipality of San José, La Paz, Honduras. This was a binational collaboration with the paritcipation of artists in Chicago and community members in Honduras.
  • September 2007: Photography exhibition. Las Palmas Restaurant, Chicago.
  • June 2005: Photography exhibition with Enlaces America and the Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.
  • March 2005: Curator of an exhibition of paintings by Héctor Duarte and Candelario Vázquez, two important Mexican artists. Vázquez is the Director of the School of Painting and Artisania of the Universidad of Durango, Mexico. Duarte is the co-founder of the Graphic Arts Workshop Julio Ruedas in Zacatecas Mexico and of Taller Mestizarte in Chicago. Hot House Gallery and Center for International Performance, Chicago.
  • February 2005: Curator of an exhibition of the art of Candelario Vazquez. Casa Michoacán, Chicago.
  • May 2005: Photography Exhibition “Caminos Entrecruzados” (Crossed Paths) Photos of Honduras and Palestine. Che Cafe, Chicago.
  • April 2004: Photography exhibition at the University of Benito Juárez, Durango, Mexico.
  • December 2003: Photography exhibition, “Travesía por Palestina - Journey in Palestine” Che Cafe and Gallary, Chicago.
  • March 2002: Group photography exhibition - “Honduras between Roads and Mountains with Hope” with Alexy Lanza, Herb Nolan, Victoria Cervantes. Hot House Gallery and Center for International Performance, Chicago.
  • August 2001: One of the coordinators of the Collective Work on the Mural of Nicolás de Jesús “For the constitutional recognition of the rights of the original peoples”. Taller Mestizarte, Chicago.
  • 2001: Group Art exhibition “Revolucion y Evolution 2001. Prints, patintings and installations. Edgar López, Tomas Bringas and Alexy Lanza. Hot House Gallery and Center for International Performance. Chicago.
  • November 2000: Curator of an exhibition of art in homage to Guayasamín and to benefit the displaced population in Colombia with artists from Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Ireland. Hot House Gallery and Center for International Performance, Chicago.
  • September 2000: Group Exhibition of paintings and prints in homage to the memory of Miguel Ángel Asturias with artists, Tomas Bringas, Edgar López, Alexy Lanza. Cafe Dulce Vida, Chicago.
  • July 2000: Curator of an exhibition of art in homage to Guayasamín and to benefit the displaced population in Colombia with artists from Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Ireland. Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago. 



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